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How to Use Twitter to Enhance Your Website Success

Today it is virtually impossible for any website to have the success it deserves without using social networking. Ask any Internet guru and they will tell you that social networking has numerous benefits to help your online business, especially when it comes to traffic generation. One of the most popular social networking sites is Twitter. I am sure you have heard of it, you may have never used it… based on the recent cell phone commercials talking about how many people tweeted on Twitter though it is time that you take a closer look at it.

Twitter can transmit traffic to your website easily, providing you do it correctly. As with anything else in the world there are rules to using Twitter though. The first and most important rule is that you have to be involved in a community on Twitter. What this means is that you have to take part in the Twitter community. So you have to make posts, comment on other Tweets, help make Twitter a useful community. You cannot get on Twitter and just talk about yourself or your site. In other words you need to build a relationship. Building relationships is very important, not only in social networking but also when it comes to converting a reader to a customer.

A second key rule is that you need to reply to others. This is all a part of involvement. When you participate in conversations with others on Twitter they will reply to you. There is a key feature on Twitter whereby when others reply to you, the persons that follow them are able to connect to your profile. This widens your audience greatly and means that your exposure is increased. It is therefore essential that you make lots of contributions to conversation and keep your involvement on the site high. Really, it isn’t that difficult, it only takes a few minutes and it is free advertising that can really give your traffic the boost it needs.

As they say in all the infomercials “but wait there’s more!” There is also the Twitterfeed site. The Twitterfeed site allows you to send your RSS feed straight to your Twitter page automatically. What does this mean? Simply put it means when you post something new on your website or blog, and update your RSS, that it will post automatically on your Twitter time line. This is an ideal method to ensure that your updates are posted and you don’t have to log on to Twitter and post your update manually. It is also very important that you do not attempt to set up a business profile on Twitter. It is frowned upon and it won’t help your website or you. You really have to make sure that you have a proper balance of updates, promotions and genuine involvement in the community.

Twitter also has a number of badges and widgets that Twitter offers that you can use on your website. This allows the Twitter updates to go to your site and visitors can click on the badge and check out your Twitter profile and even opt to join your following. Twitter is only one of the social networking tools you can use, but it is a good one. The key is to be an active contributing member that helps the Twitter community grow… so that they will help your website grow.


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Get Viral!

One of the quickest ways and possibly the easiest way to get boat loads of traffic to your website is through viral videos. You are probably wondering what a viral video is. Viral videos are the silly and short funny clips that you and all your friends send each other back and forth through email. Still not sure of what a viral video is… think YouTube because they thrive on viral videos.

Most viral videos are hilarious and goofy and on occasion very strange. But they are so compelling enough to make people want to share them with their friends, pass them on in emails so that they spread across the net like a wildfire. Thereby generating more traffic then you can imagine to a website… your website.

Viral videos are known and proven to be great ways to generate traffic. If you take a look at different sites that have made the small leap to including video you will see that their Alexa ranking has improved and they are getting more traffic than they did just a month before. “An individual so appropriately described viral videos as the “lingua franca of the new age”. The evolution of viral videos is definitely progressing and the proof is in the number of people that view these clips.”

You don’t need to hire a cast and crew to shoot these videos, which should be incredibly apparent based on the videos on YouTube. These viral videos can help you create the Brand of You, which is essential to Internet/network marketing. People are not going to do business with you because of your product, service or information. Ultimately they do business with you because of you.

Take a closer look at some of the videos on YouTube. Do you realize that a good majority of them are actually advertisements that you probably never would’ve seen had it not been for viral videos. “Some small time cheap videos on YouTube have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Viral videos are faster, better, and less expensive than the rest of the overburdened advertising world. Viral videos are the new wave of the future making YouTube the new MySpace.”

Much like social networking, which a network marketer really can no longer overlook, you can’t ignore the benefits of viral videos. They are not very hard to make, and the impact they will have on your site is, well… explosive.

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Use Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Do you have a great website, but aren’t getting any web traffic? Do you often wish you could build your site hits up, but you don’t know how? There are many ways to build an audience, but the easiest and most simple way to drive traffic to your website is to use video.

Think about this. How many people do you know who would rather read a book than watch television? Chances are, most of the people you know relax in front of the T.V. after putting in a hard day’s work. This is because reading takes more imagination, and thus it is more work. When people watch television, they don’t have to imagine the place the characters are in or what they look like, all of that information is displayed on the television monitor. That is also why people tend to remember stories better when they see moving images as opposed to reading about it.

It works the same way for web videos. Web videos will enhance your site, and help you get out the message you are trying to convey. And if you use a popular video sharing company such as YouTube or MetaCafe, you are opening your website to a very large market! There is no way your web traffic can’t go up!

These video sharing companies have “tags” which you can attach to your video. Tags are just one-word descriptions of the video you are uploading. For instance, if I were to make a video to accompany this article, I would use tags like website, traffic, enhance, video, stats, how, increase. When a user of the video sharing company does a search for what he wants to see, when he types in “how to increase my website traffic”, my video will appear in the search results! Keep in mind that the title of your video is just as important as the tags, so make the title something a person will search for.

There is also a description box that appears beside the video where the tags will appear. This is an excellent place to put a link to your site. Another technique is to include the website address in the video itself. This will make it easier for the viewer to remember it.

If you want proof that using video works, just go to a video sharing website and enter terms relevant to your site in the search box. If you see more than one video in the search results, and they have links to their websites, then you know that it works because other people are doing it!

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Getting the Most Out of Social Bookmarking

How to use social bookmarking?

The first thing that you need to do is to create a profile for yourself on a social bookmarking website. With the help of social bookmarking, you can store information about any website that you want to remember and/or share with others. These bookmarks are most of the times public but in case you desire, you can even save them as private. You even have the option of sharing them with a certain group of people or just few specified individuals. These selected people can see your bookmarks in an alphabetical order, by category or through a search engine. Another facility that most of the social bookmark services provide is that you can organize your bookmarks with the help of self-created tags. This is far better than the browser-based function of folders and tags.

When you go to the social bookmarking site, you can have a look at the articles marked by others also. You can look for the articles that are tagged with your favorite topic’s keyword. This way you will get a list of many articles tagged by others on your favorite topic. This way you get to know some like-minded people and can make friends with them too. Social bookmarking is the perfect way to share your favorite things from around the Internet and you even get to know about a lot of new things at the same time.

When you have a web page or website that you want people to visit then you can tag it using keywords and submit it to the social bookmarking websites. This will make it possible for people interested in the similar topic as your keyword, to come to your site. Many marketers are using these sites to sell products from their websites too.

The two most important advantages of social bookmarking are:

• It is a great way for quick indexing. There are many social bookmarking websites that help you to make major search engines visit your web page or site. In fact it is one of the fastest ways to make these search engines come to your site and index it. All you have to do is submit your web page or website to any of the popular social bookmarking sites and you can be assured of being visited and indexed by search engines like Yahoo, Google and/or MSN etc. much faster than you expect.

• It is widely used for traffic generation. Quick indexing is not the only benefit of social bookmarking. It is also a sure fire way to generate traffic to your site too. As soon as you submit your pages to these social bookmarking sites, a lot of traffic will start coming your way from them with the help of your tag (niche keywords). Now it is up to the contents of your website or the offers you have provided there that will further help you to have return visitors.

Tips for successful social bookmarking:

• Use a catchy headline. If you want others to read what you have written, the first thing is to write some attractive heading.

• It should have a short and meaningful description. To provoke the interest of the visitor, give a description that gives a glimpse of what you have to say without giving too much information away.

• Having great content is the most important aspect. This will make your visitors bookmark your page and you can even expect a revisit.

• Submit it at the right time and in the right category.

• You must have the right facts and no old news as that will surely not attract people.

Just keep these points in mind and enjoy all the benefits of social bookmarking!

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