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The Properly Constructed Website

The key to any successful Internet business is a website. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a fancy website. But it does need to be properly constructed. If you know what you are doing then you can save a lot of money doing it yourself. If you don’t know what you are doing or aren’t sure then I highly recommend going with people that do. You can shop around and find someone that will fit into your budget, I recommend that you get references and ask to see samples of their work. Think of the website as the foundation of your business, would you find someone that is only going to put down a mud floor or someone that is going to concrete and make sure that it will hold the building?

With that being said, let’s take a look at the people you really do need to get in touch with, even if it is only for consulting purposes.

The website designer look at him as the architect. You are not going to build a building with a blue print… you aren’t going to create a website without a web designer. You need to find a designer that knows what they are doing. Someone that can listen to what you are trying to accomplish with your business and then analyze that information to build, design and manage your website. So what exactly does that mean? Here is a short list of items that you need to make sure a web designer can do.

The website design is the first component. The designer needs to be able to tell you the benefits of the different types of website design. The designer needs to work with you to create a user friendly and a visitor friendly design.

The remodel of the website needs to be included so that you can create a fresh new look for you and your visitors to see. The remodel should let you change the content, color, design or anything else that will show every evolving status of your business.

The designer needs to be able to look at your business requirements and your online strategies so that you end up with a website that is functional for your needs and economical for your budget. Make the selection of your website designer wisely. As I stated earlier, get references, ask to see samples because the ability of your designer will directly impact the success of you website.

You will also want to consider the content that goes on your website. If you are uncomfortable writing the content then you may want to consider hiring a freelance writer that has expertise in the industry of your business.

Graphics on the website should not be flashy. While the goal is to grab the attention of the visitor, it is not to cause them to have a seizure. Make sure the graphics that you chose fit with the content of the site and the nature of your business.

Follow these simple tips to have a properly constructed website.


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YouTube Video Marketing Tips

Marketing through YouTube is a popular and advantageous way to sell products and services or to attract new visitors to your website. However, it is absolutely vital that you understand what it takes to create an effective YouTube video marketing endeavor, because there is much more to the process than simply posting a video about your product and hoping for the best. Here are some of the best YouTube video marketing tips and a little bit about what they can do for your marketing endeavor online.

1 – In order for your YouTube marketing campaign to be effective, you need to have strong content that people are going to want to watch. All of your other efforts will be useless if you cannot create interesting, exciting or otherwise relevant content. If your YouTube video does not attract attention, then no one will have any reason to trace it back to your website, business, product or service. The first tip for an effective YouTube marketing strategy is to know what kinds of videos are actually garnering the attention.

2 – In addition to relevancy, you need to make sure that your YouTube video is also brief. The size of the files that are capable of being uploaded through YouTube is limited, so you are going to want to keep your video relatively short. In other words, try to keep your video at around 5 minutes or shorter. Most viewers will not be patient enough to watch a video that is longer than this anyway. If you do have a video that is running longer than five minutes, don’t be afraid to break it up into smaller portions, posting each one separately for a more spread out YouTube marketing campaign.

3 – Use humor when you market through YouTube. Humor is, hands down, one of the best ways that you can attract an audience to your videos. Some of the most successful channels and videos on YouTube have accomplished their online fame through humor. Use laughter when getting your message across. Don’t force this humor, but rather relax and be yourself and the humor will find its way out if you allow it to.

4 – Mark your content for the best results. All of the content that you create should have your name or logo as well as a URL for the website that you are attempting to market. This way, if your video is shared or posted anyplace else, you will still attract traffic from it. There are numerous software options out there that make customizing your videos a breeze.

These four YouTube video marketing tips will jump start your marketing endeavor on YouTube, making it easier than ever for you to advertise yourself, your website, your product or your service through one of the most popular social media sites on the Internet.

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Top Tips to Make Your Podcasts Rock

If you are thinking of making podcasts for your loyal website fan base, you are geared towards the right direction in keeping your visitors even closer and begging for more. Podcasts are becoming more recognized by regular computer users and mobile users alike, so adding some podcasts to your blog or website should be worth the effort without any fear of nobody listening to them.

One of the most important things to take note is that the quality of your podcasts should never be overlooked. If your podcasts are stale and boring, it may drive away people from visiting your podcast feeds ever again or even worse, drive them away from your website all together. In order to get more subscribers into your podcasts, you need to use your creativity in making your podcasts rock.

Here are some tips to turn your podcasts into bursts of entertainment:

Set a scope for your target audience

This should be easy if you already have an active website with daily visitors because most likely, your website should have a theme. All you need to do is to make your podcasts correlate to the entire theme and subject of your website so you can meet the expectations of your visitors. There is no use of tackling random topics in your podcasts and relying on luck to attract people. Set boundaries of the topics being covered and amplify them to increase the appeal.

Check out your competitors

Most likely, the topics that you’ll be discussing in your future podcasts will be similar to other websites that have ongoing podcasts. Observe how they get the word out and find any weaknesses in the performances. Even if you think they are the best, you can always take a different path and present in new and creative ways to stir up a crowd of your own.

Make use of transcripts

One of the limitations of podcasts is that search engines cannot track them since they are powered by audio and video. It doesn’t matter what keywords you use since search engine bots cannot listen to podcasts individually and index them properly. The best workaround for this is to write transcripts so the search engine bots can crawl on them. Having the full transcript alongside your podcast can attract more visitors from the search engines rather than having each podcast summarized in a small header.

Devise a consistent schedule

As a webmaster, you have full control of when you want your podcasts to be. Use a website statistics tool to determine at what time your visitors log in so you can make the most out of your presentations. Announce your podcast schedules and make sure you commit to the times promised without any delay. Failing to meet expectations can bring forth a negative image to your entire channel.

The main factor in making your podcasts rock is your creativity. Try to make it unique and give it some wow factors to dazzle your audience. Once you are convinced with the quality of your podcasts, start to spread the word and advertise it all over the place using many of the popular social networking sites. Generate a buzz and get your podcasts noticed and you’ll have some rocking sessions with your podcasts.

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Top 5 Social Bookmarking Tips

If social bookmarking is your passion or a job, then there are some tips which can enhance your efforts. Social bookmarking is a well known way of tagging, bookmarking and categorizing links on websites and other repositories online. However, in social bookmarking, it requires contribution of all the users in order to benefit every user. No wonder it is known as social bookmarking. This book marking is nothing similar to the private bookmarking that we all do on our computers and browsers. This is much more intense and effective.

However, what’s the best way of doing this? How do you increase the efficiency? Most people do not understand the real importance of social bookmarking. Most layman users wonder about why people go crazy trying to excel at social bookmarking. Entrepreneurs and web experts are constantly trying to improve their skills in social bookmarking while the average Internet user wonders.

The idea is simple. If a website owner’s links are constantly bringing traffic or getting popular, then these links will be passed on to millions of other users on the Internet. The more the links become popular, the more the chances of them getting voted in sites like Digg and others. Hence, you will get more traffic and subsequently more business.

So what are the tips to increase your social bookmarking efforts?

Let’s say you work on a site called Digg. The first tip is to call up everyone you know including your friends, family and even acquaintances to get Digg accounts. Once you get them signed up, then you can add them as friends on Digg by using the friend function. In this way, when you have a link to submit to the link voting forum, then your friends will be the first to see it. The more friends you have, the more votes you will get.

You can also advertise in webmaster forums marketplace to generate votes for your links. You can take advantage of these services as well.

Your content needs to be interesting and unique. The Internet is all based on content and the more intriguing your content is, better are your chances in the social bookmarking world. You can spice up your content with videos, links and new photographs.

Make sure that you submit your link in the correct category. Sometimes people do everything right but they goof up in the end and submit the link to the incorrect category or section which causes a problem.

In social bookmarking, the more social you are, the better your chances. Work on your profile and have a great avatar. Make friends who share the same ideas and hobbies as you. You can also vote on their sites and stories if you like them. This will increase the possibility of them voting for your links. If they are fake, they may not vote for anyone or vote on every story and link. However, if they do not use discrimination while voting, then the value of their votes will decline.

So use these tips and zip your way to success in the social bookmarking world!

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Top 5 Banner Advertising Tips

When looking for a great way to advertise you business online a banner ad might be precisely what you are looking for. Banner marketing campaigns have such a wide reaching consumer base that they can really give your business a jump-start. However, the key to a great banner ad is how well the marketing plan has been designed behind it. You will want to make sure that your companies advertising plan is unique, attention grabbing, and is prominently placed on the web.

So you know that you want your banner ad campaign to be successful, but what can you do to ensure its success? There are five easy tips that will help you make sure that your banner ad is the best and most eye catching that it can be. By following these, you will be setting yourself up for marketing success!

Add Animation

When creating your banner ad by adding in a bit of animation you can actually catch the consumer’s eye more easily. It has been shown that banner ads usually gain a higher click through rate. This proves that more people are seeing your advertisement and that it is sparking their interest. Animation is great, but you will need to take care to not integrate animation that is too complicated. You will want to be sure to keep your animation limited to a 5-7 second loop. If you incorporate more than that, you may actually irritate your consumers, which is definitely not what you want.

Encourage Interaction

Customers who see your banner ad is a good thing, but customers who click on your ad is even better. If you can build in a button that they can click on to order your product or request more information you can significantly increase your ad’s effectiveness.

Make Your Ad Eye Catching

There is a lot happening on the web so making your ad stand out is vital to its success. One of the easiest ways to do this is with the colors that you choose. By selecting bright eye catching colors you will increase the likelihood that your ad will attract the consumers attention.

People Love Free Stuff

People love getting something for nothing so that is a great way to spark their interest in your product. By offering a gift or a gift with purchase then you will be able to entice people to click on your banner.

Keep it Simple

Your banner ad does not have to be complicated. In fact, simplicity is key. By creating an easy to read banner ad the consumer has an easier time navigating it, and therefore is more likely to click on it.

Advertising is a huge factor to your businesses success or failure. By using Internet banner ads you will be able to reach a wider variety of future customers. With these basic tips, you can be sure that your Internet banner ad will be a success that will help you increase your client base significantly.

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