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The Beauty of the Backlink

One of the most effective ways you can increase your search engine ranking on Google and Yahoo is through backlinking. I am not saying that you should throw all of your keyword research out the window. You still need to know what people are looking for. The key is though to be on one of the first few pages that pop up when they do the search for the keywords… and that happens when you use backlinks.

See the search engines have gotten smarter over the years. They realize that people who wanted to jump the rankings with their site would simply place keywords on their site in so many places, so that when someone typed in “making money on the internet” their site would pop up… even if the site had nothing to do with making money on the Internet. I know that you have been caught by one of those sites, you are taking the time to do research, you think you have found a great site that is going to help you, the keywords show up in the description, you click on the site… and once you get there you find the site has nothing to do with what you are looking for. But it had the right percentage of keywords to get better ranking.

So you have a legitimate website, where you have information that people can use. You have done the research and you know the keywords to use… but you are still not climbing the rankings. That is because part of your marketing needs to be spent on getting backlinks. In order to get backlinks, you need to understand what I mean by a backlink.

Simply put a backlink is a link that is on one website, which when people click on that link they are then taken to another website. You have seen a backlink, they are on many websites. I have them here on my site under the Proxy Lists. Some people put them into the content of the article and they are also known as hyperlinks. They are normally underlined and or highlighted blue. If you click on it you go to another site, if you roll over it you can see the web address.

The key is to make sure that you are backlinking to reputable sites that are also popular. So if your site deals with fly fishing and you decide to backlink to a popular and high ranked site that deals with rock collecting the link is not going to help you… and chances are greater than not that the rock collecting site isn’t going to link to you because fly fishing has nothing to do with rock collecting. You need to find sites that are in your niche.

Once you have a backlink, Google tags it. Google will record the phrase that is used in the link, they save it and as they gather information about your site and your backlinks Google then establishes what ranking you will get. This may lead you into thinking that you should have hundreds of backlinks then. Unfortunately Google frowns on that, what you need is quality backlinks. “Search engines work under an assumption that not all links hold an equal amount of weight.” This means that if you and your buddies have websites, all of which are not ranked… but you all decide to help each other out and backlink to one another… Google is not impressed. You need to have a link or two from sites that are well known and popular if you really want to improve your ranking.


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Podcasting and Search Engine Ranking

Nobody can argue that simply great and well produced podcasts will always be preferred than reading well written articles because podcasts have more depth, added entertainment, and easier understanding of information. Podcasts are great on the go as they are continuing to expand towards mobile phones and other portable devices. It is safe to say that podcasting is where the future is heading, but many people still rely on articles and text for their website. It is definitely a topic to think about, but the answer to this lies on the search engine rankings.

There is one big limitation of podcasts and that’s the fact that search engines cannot index the content being played in audio because search engines can only read text. You can conveniently replace a long boring article with a fantastic podcast that everyone can go crazy over, but the search engines will slide by it and that can prevent your rank from increasing or even harming it directly.

It is important to remember how search engines work. People type in keywords to what they are looking for and then the search engine lists what sites have that text within their page content. By neglecting to put some searchable text on the pages and relying solely on podcasts, you are literally blacklisting your site from being viewed by search engines and people who may be looking for something that you offer.

An easy remedy to this problem is by partnering your podcast links with keyword headers and supplying short descriptions to each. This is what most of the podcasters do and it serves as a balanced way in staying under search engine radar and at the same time keeping your site content clean and easy to understand.

If you still don’t get the desired ranking, you can greatly improve it by having each of your podcasts transcribed. This can be a pretty daunting task especially if you have plenty of archived podcasts that span huge lengths, but the effort can be quite rewarding as it results to a fully written article that search engines can really crawl on. It also provides greater accessibility to people who do not have the software needed to run podcasts and wish to see a text version of the message. If transcribing is too much work, you can always hire some companies to do it for a fee. Just imagine what will happen to your search engine rankings when you have all of your podcasts transcribed.

Search engine rankings should never be overlooked because there are millions of web surfers searching for information online and that information can be something that can be found on your podcasts. It doesn’t matter if it is transcribed or summarized as long as there is some text and main keywords on the pages that need focus. This won’t just prevent your search engine ranking from being harmed, but it will also attract new and unexpected visitors to your site and add more listeners to your podcast channels.

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