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It Depends on the Product

When you are creating content for your website, and your deciding on the amount of information that you should offer you need to know it depends on the product.

I am not talking about the price of the product, but whether or not it is an established product or if it is something new. The newer the product, the more convincing you will need to be with the customer. In other words, if you are selling iPods or Blackberries… you really don’t need to write lengthy posts on your blog. Most people already know about these products and really what they are doing is price shopping. If you can offer them a better deal than Apple or Verizon they are going to buy from you.

Do you remember the Zune? It is still on the market, but it doesn’t get anywhere near the hype that it was getting when it first hit the market. It was supposed to be better than the iPod because it allowed for music sharing. There were commercials all over the television, ads and articles on the Internet all talking about the benefits of the Zune over the iPod. The market was saturated, in hopes to boost sales and knock out the iPod.

If you are going to be one of the first marketing a new product, then you are going to need to saturate your market the best you can to gain customers. The customer is going to need to be convinced the new product is better than a reliable one they are familiar with.

When you are marketing a new product address the following issues:

  • What are the advantages over the competition?
  • Cost/Value comparison?
  • What would I need to know to make the decision to purchase the item?

To write effective content you have to get inside the mind of your reader.


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