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Top Tips to Make Your Podcasts Rock

If you are thinking of making podcasts for your loyal website fan base, you are geared towards the right direction in keeping your visitors even closer and begging for more. Podcasts are becoming more recognized by regular computer users and mobile users alike, so adding some podcasts to your blog or website should be worth the effort without any fear of nobody listening to them.

One of the most important things to take note is that the quality of your podcasts should never be overlooked. If your podcasts are stale and boring, it may drive away people from visiting your podcast feeds ever again or even worse, drive them away from your website all together. In order to get more subscribers into your podcasts, you need to use your creativity in making your podcasts rock.

Here are some tips to turn your podcasts into bursts of entertainment:

Set a scope for your target audience

This should be easy if you already have an active website with daily visitors because most likely, your website should have a theme. All you need to do is to make your podcasts correlate to the entire theme and subject of your website so you can meet the expectations of your visitors. There is no use of tackling random topics in your podcasts and relying on luck to attract people. Set boundaries of the topics being covered and amplify them to increase the appeal.

Check out your competitors

Most likely, the topics that you’ll be discussing in your future podcasts will be similar to other websites that have ongoing podcasts. Observe how they get the word out and find any weaknesses in the performances. Even if you think they are the best, you can always take a different path and present in new and creative ways to stir up a crowd of your own.

Make use of transcripts

One of the limitations of podcasts is that search engines cannot track them since they are powered by audio and video. It doesn’t matter what keywords you use since search engine bots cannot listen to podcasts individually and index them properly. The best workaround for this is to write transcripts so the search engine bots can crawl on them. Having the full transcript alongside your podcast can attract more visitors from the search engines rather than having each podcast summarized in a small header.

Devise a consistent schedule

As a webmaster, you have full control of when you want your podcasts to be. Use a website statistics tool to determine at what time your visitors log in so you can make the most out of your presentations. Announce your podcast schedules and make sure you commit to the times promised without any delay. Failing to meet expectations can bring forth a negative image to your entire channel.

The main factor in making your podcasts rock is your creativity. Try to make it unique and give it some wow factors to dazzle your audience. Once you are convinced with the quality of your podcasts, start to spread the word and advertise it all over the place using many of the popular social networking sites. Generate a buzz and get your podcasts noticed and you’ll have some rocking sessions with your podcasts.


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Podcasting and Search Engine Ranking

Nobody can argue that simply great and well produced podcasts will always be preferred than reading well written articles because podcasts have more depth, added entertainment, and easier understanding of information. Podcasts are great on the go as they are continuing to expand towards mobile phones and other portable devices. It is safe to say that podcasting is where the future is heading, but many people still rely on articles and text for their website. It is definitely a topic to think about, but the answer to this lies on the search engine rankings.

There is one big limitation of podcasts and that’s the fact that search engines cannot index the content being played in audio because search engines can only read text. You can conveniently replace a long boring article with a fantastic podcast that everyone can go crazy over, but the search engines will slide by it and that can prevent your rank from increasing or even harming it directly.

It is important to remember how search engines work. People type in keywords to what they are looking for and then the search engine lists what sites have that text within their page content. By neglecting to put some searchable text on the pages and relying solely on podcasts, you are literally blacklisting your site from being viewed by search engines and people who may be looking for something that you offer.

An easy remedy to this problem is by partnering your podcast links with keyword headers and supplying short descriptions to each. This is what most of the podcasters do and it serves as a balanced way in staying under search engine radar and at the same time keeping your site content clean and easy to understand.

If you still don’t get the desired ranking, you can greatly improve it by having each of your podcasts transcribed. This can be a pretty daunting task especially if you have plenty of archived podcasts that span huge lengths, but the effort can be quite rewarding as it results to a fully written article that search engines can really crawl on. It also provides greater accessibility to people who do not have the software needed to run podcasts and wish to see a text version of the message. If transcribing is too much work, you can always hire some companies to do it for a fee. Just imagine what will happen to your search engine rankings when you have all of your podcasts transcribed.

Search engine rankings should never be overlooked because there are millions of web surfers searching for information online and that information can be something that can be found on your podcasts. It doesn’t matter if it is transcribed or summarized as long as there is some text and main keywords on the pages that need focus. This won’t just prevent your search engine ranking from being harmed, but it will also attract new and unexpected visitors to your site and add more listeners to your podcast channels.

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Making an Income From Your Podcasts

Many people have learned and believed that one of the best ways in generating some extra income online is through blogging and writing good articles. It is true that success can be made by using these methods, but they take a lot of time and effort in attracting people and hoping that they would be interested with your ads so you can gain some revenue. It is always good to think of ways to improve the income even more and make the money come in faster. A routine that has some similarities to blogging and writing can be used to escalate the income- and that’s by podcasting.

Podcasting is quite the same as writing. You talk about a certain subject or make announcements that can attract visitors to tune in more often. However, podcasts go the extra mile and offer a unique voice to be heard, which can further define the personality and theme of the website. Because of the added capabilities of podcasts, many would rather listen to podcasts than reading long articles. And the more listeners means more revenue for your advertisements.

Podcasting is all about audio, leaving it unnecessary to plant so much text into the podcast page unless you are willing to do transcripts. The advantage of less text means having more available space that be used for putting bigger ads that stand out more and give you higher chances to benefit from clicks and even commissions. People can be having lots of fun listening to the podcast while actively browsing the main site and seeing what these advertisements are.

Charging visitors to listen to podcasts is never a good idea, but adding a link for donations won’t keep people away. In fact, it may even be rewarding putting it there if lots of people enjoy your podcasting. Just remember that most people donate to support you and the site and encourage you to make more podcasts and keep the site updated. It’s a good idea to follow those wishes of the visitors so that you can attract more numbers. And in turn receive more donations and advertising revenue.

Even when your standard advertisements are doing extremely well, never give up in getting more people to your site. If your bandwidth can’t handle it, consider using the money you earned in getting a podcast hosting package so you can accommodate more listeners. The more listeners you attract, the more advertisers will see it worthwhile in investing some money for commercial grade advertisements.

This is where the big money comes in so make sure you put your contact information on the main page because you never know, you may find some corporate sponsorships coming your way and willing to pay you to get their advertisements up there giving you even more income. And by having the donation link and other PPC advertisements there, you’re looking at big earning potentials.

It is very possible for you to do this all through the means of podcasting and keeping your website simple. Make sure you don’t overdo it on the ads as too many ads can take away some loyal visitors. Keep your website balanced and the podcasts steady and you should be piling up on some extra revenue.

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