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The Importance of the Podcast

When you are working to build your online presence so that you can enhance your business and eventually increase profitability, then you need to take advantage of all mediums available. This means it is time for you to get over your fear and create a podcast. The best way to connect with your visitors is to give them a way to hear you and feel as though you are a real person. Part of building a relationship with your customers is making them feel like they know you. The more comfortable they are with you the more likely they are to listen to what you have to say… and more willing to spend money on what you are selling.

A word of caution though, podcasts need to be done with diligence. Ideally you should start the podcast by talking a little about yourself. Do not unload your life story on the listener, you want them to get to “know you” but we are not looking to make best friends. Talk a little about you, then move to the product or service that you have which can provide a benefit to the listener. I would even recommend that you look for current news to include in the podcast that is relevant to your product.

I also recommend that you give your visitor an option of whether or not they want to hear your podcast when they come to your site. One thing that irritates me is going to a site, where I am looking to get certain information and I am bombarded by video and audio that I really was not prepared to listen to. Podcasts are very beneficial to your online success, when they are used correctly and not forced on the visitors to your website.


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Successful Prospecting

You are obviously on my site because you are interested in building a successful website. It doesn’t matter if your site is just to provide information to people or if you are trying to sell something to people to make money. There is a simple art that you need to learn that will help guarantee your online success, which is prospecting. Just finding customers is no longer enough, you need to know how to find your customers, the people that are interested in what it is you have to offer.

With that being said you also need to know that there is a right and wrong way to go about prospecting. Just as if you own a brick and mortar store you cannot walk out on the sidewalk and grab people by the arm dragging them kicking and screaming into your store… you can’t force people online to come to your site either. Though there are people that do try to do that and we have all been their victim at one time or another.

Today though, you are going to learn the right way to prospect, by first learning how to talk with your prospects. Obviously you can’t call them on the phone and say, “Hey check out what I have to say here.” While it may seem backwards to you that I am first going to cover talking to the prospect before I cover the right way to prospect… that is because the vast majority of people would rather know what to do… and maybe worry about why they are doing it later.

There is an old saying that when you are talking to people you should smile. I already said that you weren’t really going to be able to drag them to your site off the street or call them on the phone… so how are you suppose to smile? As odd as it may sound, when you are writing smile while you are writing. It doesn’t matter if you are writing an email or creating the content for your blog, smile. The reason for the smile is simple, the reader… your prospect… is going to be pick up on the fact that you are smiling. Your content will come across more sincere, be more positive and more inviting.

Secondly, never under any circumstances assume that you know what your prospect is going to ask or say. Forget the. “I know… you have to be thinking…” First it makes you look presumptuous, secondly you give the impression that you are better than the person you are trying to do business with because you already know everything they could possibly be thinking. Take a moment to read a full email, if by chance you get to talk to the person on the phone, listen to what they have to say. Sometimes a person starts by saying one thing, but what they really mean is hidden under what they are saying.

The most important part of prospecting is being yourself. There really isn’t any point in trying to be someone else. While Gatorade may have made a killing back in the day with “I wanna be like Mike,” the best thing you can do for your reputation online is to be yourself. If you are creating a site that sells affiliate products, over time those products are going to change… you are the constant though. You want to be what people remember and trust.

This now brings us to the art of finding your prospects. These are the people you are going to market to, whether you are selling a product, selling a business idea or simply offering information they could use to make their business or their life better. For example, take a look at my site. My specialty is web development and everything related to it. I wanted to create a one stop source for other people like me that are looking to start a website, start an online business, or find another way to make a profit online. While I spent years and countless hours scouring the Internet looking for useful information, finding success through trial and error… I wanted to help eliminate some of that frustration for other people. I don’t go out marketing to people that are looking for ways to improve the way their car runs. You aren’t going to find links here about “green living” and you aren’t going to find me on sites like that. I know where my “prospects” are. By knowing who my prospects are and where they will be I can make the most out of my marketing efforts and get a better return for my investment of time and money.

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