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How to Use Social Bookmarking and Networking to Sell Your Digital Products

Among the most preferred tools used by Internet marketers are social bookmarking and social networking. We are all aware of the popular social bookmarking sites like Digg and networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. These and a number of other social bookmarking sites let the user create the contents on the website instead of the webmaster. By social bookmarking, you can leave the address or the link to your website or articles or even the affiliate product on social networking websites.

Lots of people are using social bookmarking and networking to sell their digital products. There are millions of people on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Isn’t it common sense that more people mean more prospective customers? In order to attract more customers to the website that has your digital product; you can also use these methods. These are tried and tested and very effective methods to sell digital products.

But how is it done? Let’s use these examples to it understand better.

Suppose you join groups on MySpace with your marketing account. MySpace allows the users to create niche groups. These groups are generally free to join but there are some that are private and have a limited number of members. Your next step is to look for groups that have similar niche marketing interests to you. Once you have found such groups, you can make posts there. This will guide many potential clients to your site and that can help you sell your digital product. Be very careful in doing this, as you would not like to look like a spammer. If people feel that you are a spammer then there is a very good chance that you will be banned from MySpace and then all your dreams of using networking will never get fulfilled.

Lets see what happens when you join another popular bookmarking site called Digg. In Digg, you will be allowed to submit an article from anywhere on the Internet. Other members of the site read these articles. You can easily do social bookmarking here that will help you sell your product. All you need to do is place a link to the website through which you are selling your product in your article. More and more people will visit your site and this will increase the chances of sale of that product. It may sound a little tricky but most of the Internet marketers are using this method to increase the traffic towards their site and to sell their products.

Social bookmarking and networking have become the most popular methods for Internet marketing. You can use both separately however, when you use both in conjunction with the other, the results may pleasantly surprise you. It doesn’t require a lot of hard work and the results are amazing. There is a lot of information on the Internet about different social bookmarking sites, so choose the site that will offer you the best options for your needs. Once you start using social bookmarking and networking, it will not be long before you have plenty of customers willing to buy your digital product.


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Businesses Should Embrace Facebook

More and more businesses are putting themselves on Facebook, and if you have not done this yet, you need to start! Facebook, and other social networking sites like this are proving to be an enormous boon for businesses large and small. If you want to make sure that you are not getting left behind, you need to figure out what it can do. If you are looking at the precedent that other businesses have set, you will find that Facebook can do you a lot of favors. When you want to see what this social networking can do for you, keep a few things in mind!

The first thing that you need to remember is that first and foremost, Facebook is a networking site. It is not meant to be a place to sell things, and if you use your page to try to push products or services down your prospective audience’s throat, you are going to find that you are losing out! Facebook is very good for what it is designed for, and that is making social connections. It is a place to make yourself and what you do known, and if you keep this in mind, you will have a much better shot of using this network to its best advantage.

Facebook is a great tool when it comes to helping people get to know your services more intimately. It helps them put a human face to the service that you are providing. Say, for example, you sell handmade, hand-painted beads. When people see pictures of the beads on your website, they think that it is very pretty, but then they don’t think much more about it. On the other hand, if they know about the funny experiences that you had when you were making the beads, or why you chose the designs that you did, you will find that they now have a personal connection to what you are trying to do.

You will also find that Facebook will be very good for your own company as well. Many businesses are now finding that they don’t really mind when their employees sneak a few moments using this site, especially when there might be better contacts in it for them. What you are looking for when you are thinking about making sure that you get the most out of your Facebook? Remember that it is a way to open yourself up to the world around you, and when you are making contacts in this way, it can help you out a great deal.

Whether you only maintain a cursory presence on Facebook, or you jump into it head first, you will find that it can do you a lot of favors. Take some time to really consider what your options are going to be when it comes to getting the kind of networking presence that you are looking for; this can make a huge difference to the audience that you get and the quality of the attention that you are receiving.

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