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How to Customize Your MySpace Profile

It seems that everybody who is anybody has a MySpace page so that they can keep in touch with everyone that is important to them. Whether you are an actor, a business professional, or a stay at home mom, MySpace is the tool to use when you want to keep your friends and family up to date on with what is going on in your life. Besides being a communication tool it is also a way for people to express their individual personality through using different profile layouts and custom pages.

Upon first glance at a MySpace profile page you can get a good sense of what that person is into. Whether it is the style of music they like, their favorite basketball team, or their favorite kind of art, the profile is the page to display who you are and what you like to represent yourself as to the world. It is sort of an unspoken message about your personality and that could be the very reason why most of the users on MySpace are so particular about the layouts they use. Some people will literally spend hours selecting and creating what they feel is the perfect MySpace layout.

The great thing about this is that whether you were born with a computer in your hands or you are just getting on one for the first time in sixty years, the MySpace site is one that is extremely easy to use. Step by step directions will walk a person through setting up their profile for the very first time. Entering in all of your personal data is done with ease by clicking on the appropriate tags in the edit profile section. After all of that is said and done you will probably want to add some personality to your page.

By visiting different MySpace layout sites you will be able to pick from a never ending variety of layouts. Customize your own through their navigation system or select from one of their hundreds of choices. Once you have created the MySpace profile page that is to your liking the site will generate what is called HTML code. You simply want to highlight that code and copy it. This code is all of the information that is needed to get that fancy layout on your page so make sure that you do not erase it before setting it up or you will have to start all over again.

Now all you will want to do is head over to your MySpace page and click on the tab that says edit profile. Go directly to the box labeled “About Me” and paste your HTML code right into that box. Click the save button and then you may have to type in a visual verification code to make sure that you are not a robot. After all of that is said and done your MySpace page will have its brand new look. Change it as often as you like or never at all. Since it is your page you can do whatever you want with it.


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How to Use Social Bookmarking and Networking to Sell Your Digital Products

Among the most preferred tools used by Internet marketers are social bookmarking and social networking. We are all aware of the popular social bookmarking sites like Digg and networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. These and a number of other social bookmarking sites let the user create the contents on the website instead of the webmaster. By social bookmarking, you can leave the address or the link to your website or articles or even the affiliate product on social networking websites.

Lots of people are using social bookmarking and networking to sell their digital products. There are millions of people on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Isn’t it common sense that more people mean more prospective customers? In order to attract more customers to the website that has your digital product; you can also use these methods. These are tried and tested and very effective methods to sell digital products.

But how is it done? Let’s use these examples to it understand better.

Suppose you join groups on MySpace with your marketing account. MySpace allows the users to create niche groups. These groups are generally free to join but there are some that are private and have a limited number of members. Your next step is to look for groups that have similar niche marketing interests to you. Once you have found such groups, you can make posts there. This will guide many potential clients to your site and that can help you sell your digital product. Be very careful in doing this, as you would not like to look like a spammer. If people feel that you are a spammer then there is a very good chance that you will be banned from MySpace and then all your dreams of using networking will never get fulfilled.

Lets see what happens when you join another popular bookmarking site called Digg. In Digg, you will be allowed to submit an article from anywhere on the Internet. Other members of the site read these articles. You can easily do social bookmarking here that will help you sell your product. All you need to do is place a link to the website through which you are selling your product in your article. More and more people will visit your site and this will increase the chances of sale of that product. It may sound a little tricky but most of the Internet marketers are using this method to increase the traffic towards their site and to sell their products.

Social bookmarking and networking have become the most popular methods for Internet marketing. You can use both separately however, when you use both in conjunction with the other, the results may pleasantly surprise you. It doesn’t require a lot of hard work and the results are amazing. There is a lot of information on the Internet about different social bookmarking sites, so choose the site that will offer you the best options for your needs. Once you start using social bookmarking and networking, it will not be long before you have plenty of customers willing to buy your digital product.

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Should I Use a Web Proxy to Use MySpace?

We all know that using MySpace is a lot of fun and it can help you learn more about people, more quickly than you ever think that you can, but the truth is there are situations where you simply will not be allowed to access it. For cases like this, you will find that a web proxy can help you out. All it takes is a little bit of web know-how and some basic understanding of how web proxies work to help you out. Of course, then you come to the question of whether or you should do it at all!

A web proxy, at the most basic level, is a mechanism by which you can trick a lot of the security that gets put on computers into thinking that you are not going to the site that you are going to. One way that a web proxy might work is that you may go to a fairly innocuous site that is not banned by the security that your network browsing is under. Then you will type in the address of MySpace or the site that you will want to go to, and as a result, you will be able to go to the banned site while you seem to be browsing on the more innocent site.

Web proxies can get fairly complex and they can also be quite subtle. In some cases, you will find that an add on can be found that will simply run all of your browsing through a proxy! When you are looking for solutions to getting the right kind of web browsing set up, though, there are questions you should ask yourself.

In the first place, why are you using a proxy? If you have a pesky younger brother or sister who is inclined to snoop, it might be a good idea. On the other hand, if you are at work and your workplace strictly prohibits social networking sites while you are on company time, you need to be aware of the consequences of your actions! Take some time to think about why you want to use a web proxy and what the results of it might be.

When you are thinking about using a web proxy to access MySpace, you will find that there are plenty of reasons why you should stop and consider what your options are going to be. When do you want to use it, where do you want to use it, and why? Remember that not all web proxies are created equal, and in some cases, there may be securities put on your computer that will report such activities. Take some time and really weigh the costs and the benefits!

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Grow Your Business With Social Networking

Presently, the Internet is saturated with everyone trying to make money with their particular online business, and there is a lot of competition. Even the savviest of online business owners have to use every resource that is available to generate target leads to their websites.

There really is no shortage of methods and techniques that Internet businesses can use to market their services or products. A few of the methods that are effective and cheap to use are PPC advertising, article marketing, forum marketing, and social network marketing.

“What’s that?” you might ask, “Social network marketing?”

Social network marketing is very powerful stuff. Not enough Internet marketers use this method either. Loosely defined, this method of marketing has everything to do with Web 2.0, which encapsulates a lot of the newer forms of marketing.

Social sites and networks are communities of people, like “Facebook”, “Twitter” or MySpace”. These are very large communities that have communities within communities. These satellite communities within the larger one are made up of likeminded people who share the same interests or activities. There are many different social type groups that people can join and become a part of, within these expansive social networks.

The main point to pay attention to with concern to marketing is the traffic to these social sites is staggering! Millions of people visit these social sites every single day. Joining even one of these social sites and working it to generate traffic, could grow anyone’s online business immensely.

Social network marketing is free. Your only investment is your time, making friends and contacts. Another monumental consideration is all of the major search engines are in love with the social network sites. Because of this, search engines such as Google, will index these social sites several times a day. Depending on your content that you post within one of these social sites, links to your business site will help you gain broader exposure and possibly, a higher ranking in the search engines.

There is usually a downside to everything and the downside for marketers is a lot of these social sites do not like blatant marketing. When you think about this for a moment, it makes a lot of sense. No one really wants to live in an online community that is plastered with nothing but advertising links screaming at everyone to “buy me!”

If you join a social site, like “Facebook”, move right in and begin hitting people up to generate traffic for your business; it could get you banned. Also, you will not really generate any traffic from anyone. Subtlety will go very far, within the social networks. The real irony is that there are more than a few Internet marketers that use these social networks as their main platforms to generate traffic and sales.

Here are a few tips to market the social networks.

1. After joining a social site, immediately set up your complete profile. Personalize your profile as much as you can. Include a recent picture of yourself and don’t be afraid to share information in your bio. People who will resource you want to know about your likes and dislikes along with your interests, such as hobbies, etc. The more personalized your info, the more people will trust you.

2. Join as many of the different groups that will help your business grow. These social network sites have more groups than you can shake a stick at! Join some of these groups and become active within them. Leave helpful posts, videos, and links. Add members to your friend’s list. In time, you will grow within these communities.

3. Adding new useful content on a regular basis is a lot like growing a blog. People will begin to take notice of you. In time, you will become viral and this is a good thing. Keeping your profile and pages fresh and alive, sparks others to visit you and want to be on your active friend’s list.

4. Start your own group. Become that meaningful, social animal. Be that expert in the field your business is in. It is more than important for you to be that person that others come to, for information that surrounds what you market. This will be how you become “viral” and explode your business.

As an expert, you really are only marketing yourself. When others seek you out for information about what you do, then trust has been established. People love to buy from those they trust!

A few things to consider:

Be open and honest with everyone about who you are and what you do. Your whole thrust is to establish trust.

Don’t spam or get involved with any “flaming”. Spamming is blatant hype and will turn everyone off. Getting involved in a “flame” war is to personally attack someone’s character. Don’t even think about this. If anyone flames you, remember that “Silence is golden”. Don’t respond to flaming by flaming back at anyone.

Honestly, if you follow even half of this advice, you will grow your business using social networking. It’s a natural winner. Just be yourself and market your business, by marketing yourself in your social groups, etc.

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