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Selling Business to Business in the Online World

I wanted to address an important issue, which is business to business selling online. Many people have been trying to figure out just how much information they need to provide, or how much copy they need, to really get a sale.

There seems to be some buzz on the net about whether or not you need long copy or short copy. The answer is really going to depend on what it is you are selling and how well you are addressing the needs of your customer. For example if you are marketing a certain printer and only a printer… you are not going to need a 20 page booklet on that printer. I wouldn’t even go as far as creating a separate website for that product. You can get away with a “snippet” on your company website talking about the printer.

However if you are marketing multiple lines of printers and computer systems, you are going to want to write longer copy. The reason is that you not only want to discuss each item, you are going to want to provide a comparison for your customer. Not only comparing price, but value so that you are the one stop shop for them to get all of their questions answered and then make the purchase from you. To determine the appropriate length of copy for you ask this question:

How complex of a decision is this for the customer? Is this going to take a lot of consideration and information to get them to part with their money? If the answer is yes, you are going to write more lengthy copy. If it is a simple decision of white or blue, wide ruled or college ruled, caffeinated or not… short copy is best. Remember always try to think of what the customer is going to need to make a decision.


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