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Are Banner Exchanges Worthwhile?

When you are taking a stab at promoting your own services or products, you will find that there are a number of different options available to you. One type of advertising that will leap out at you fairly quickly are banner exchanges. In banner exchanges, you will find that an ad for your site is posted on someone else’s site, while you post their ads. The ad, when clicked, leads back to your site. There are definitely advantages to this kind of advertising as long as you keep a few things in mind.

In the first place, you need to think about what kind of advertising network you get involved in. Take some time and check out the networks that are offering you a membership. What sort of sites do they represent and do you think that the people that they are targeting would be interested in your goods or services? For instance, if you are someone who is looking to sell t-shirts, it wouldn’t do you very much good to get into an exchange that was largely targeted towards people looking for pet food!

Another thing that you will want to look into when you are thinking about doing a banner exchange is that you should think about what kind of exchange rate you are looking for. For instance, in many of the networks, you will get your ads on a one for one basis, where for every ad you put up from the network, your ad will appear on a network site. Other networks have a two for one ratio, where you have to put up two ads before your own ad appears. Think about how you want to set up your site and what ads you’d be happy to host. Remember that you should think about how you want your own site to look and what you can do to ensure that you are getting the attention that you need.

Banner exchanges can be instrumental towards getting traffic to your site. If the network is well targeted, you will get people coming to your site from the other sites, and they will be interested in what you have to say. You will also find that this will let you work on your link building. Because you aren’t going to be trading links, you will find that this will be quite valuable; Google tends to dismiss links that simply reciprocate one another.

When you are looking into banner exchanges, you will find that they can be quite valuable to your site, but only if you go into it with open eyes. Make sure that you get a network that represents your best interests and that will put your ads in a place where they will be seen by people with relevant interests. Take some time and do your homework. Some networks will definitely suit you better than others, and often, you are the only one who can make a good call on which one will be best for you.


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Find the Best Banner Advertising Rates

If you’re considering an online advertising campaign for your business, you’ll obviously want to find the best banner advertising rates.

It’s important your campaign is having the most effect for your money, so keep in mind that banner advertising is not always about the cheapest cost, but the most effective for your money.

Let’s look at some things you should consider when searching for the best banner advertising rates.

1. Target Audience

When creating your marketing campaign you should consider who will be viewing your banner advertisement. If your business is selling digital cameras, you really don’t need your banner blasted on sites where visitors are searching for garden tools.

The company you choose for your banner advertising needs must be able to demonstrate that they’ll be showing your banner to a relevant audience.

2. Banner Types

Be sure you have control over how your banner looks and what your ad says. Many ad companies may try to take control over your campaign and dictate how your concept should look. They do know what works and what doesn’t but you don’t have to agree if you don’t want to. Stay firm and maintain control over your own advertising campaign. You know how you want visitors to view your company.

3. Design Your Ad

Bright flashing ads no longer make people click. In fact, they tend to annoy many visitors. Make your banner appealing and inviting. Your ad should make people want to know more about what you’re offering.

If your ad looks great but offers no real reason for people to click over to see what you’re offering then there’s almost no point. It’s up to you what you offer your customers, but be sure your ad is enticing.

4. Display

Will your ads be shown as part of a banner rotation or included in an RSS feed? Will they be shown with audio included for effect or just a simple animated GIF banner?

The total banner display should be professional and enticing to a potential customer.

5. Tracking Systems

To get the most out of your banner advertising campaign you’ll want a company that offers a way to check your statistics. Your click through rate and your sales conversion rates are important tracking items.

While your banner ad campaign is running, you’ll also want access to analytical data about your visitors. For example, your banner might be displayed on 10 different websites. You will need to know which sites are effective and why they’re working when others aren’t.

6. Placement

Will you be able to choose the placement of your banner on the sites you’ll be advertising on? Placement of a banner can make a huge difference as to how a visitor will see it and respond.

Obviously putting your banner on the bottom of a web page won’t be seen as prominently as a banner near the top or among the text.

7. Pricing

Even though you’re searching for the best banner advertising rates, the pricing is not as important as the effect of the whole campaign management. After all, if you opt for the cheapest possible option but don’t attract any visitors at all, you’re throwing money down the drain.

The best banner advertising rates come from the company offering the most value for your money.

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