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The Importance of the Podcast

When you are working to build your online presence so that you can enhance your business and eventually increase profitability, then you need to take advantage of all mediums available. This means it is time for you to get over your fear and create a podcast. The best way to connect with your visitors is to give them a way to hear you and feel as though you are a real person. Part of building a relationship with your customers is making them feel like they know you. The more comfortable they are with you the more likely they are to listen to what you have to say… and more willing to spend money on what you are selling.

A word of caution though, podcasts need to be done with diligence. Ideally you should start the podcast by talking a little about yourself. Do not unload your life story on the listener, you want them to get to “know you” but we are not looking to make best friends. Talk a little about you, then move to the product or service that you have which can provide a benefit to the listener. I would even recommend that you look for current news to include in the podcast that is relevant to your product.

I also recommend that you give your visitor an option of whether or not they want to hear your podcast when they come to your site. One thing that irritates me is going to a site, where I am looking to get certain information and I am bombarded by video and audio that I really was not prepared to listen to. Podcasts are very beneficial to your online success, when they are used correctly and not forced on the visitors to your website.


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