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Reverse Marketing

Web business seems to be completely driven by the sheer volume of traffic you can get to your web site.

The truth is that traditional Internet marketing techniques can plain wear you out. It is not enough that you have a good product and a good web page, but now you have to try your hand at viral marketing, advertisements, e-mail lists and catchy web gimmicks.

Reverse marketing is a simple concept but you still need to have a great plan of attack. Rather than running web banners or advertisements on TV and radio, in reverse marketing you might strategically place essays or e-books on various topics that people look up on the web. You could post helpful tips on a website dedicated to home repairs. Of course, you place a tag line for your website at the end of the helpful “how to” article. You attract people after demonstrating that you know what you are talking about.

Reverse marketing is an effective way to attract customers because you are showing your expertise in an area or many areas. People who have been helped by your article or tip will tend to purchase a product from you before they go somewhere else. The key is placing seemingly unbiased information in the right places cleverly woven into a thinly veiled advertisement. You can plug your product out in the open, but not too overtly.

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