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How to Use Twitter to Enhance Your Website Success

Today it is virtually impossible for any website to have the success it deserves without using social networking. Ask any Internet guru and they will tell you that social networking has numerous benefits to help your online business, especially when it comes to traffic generation. One of the most popular social networking sites is Twitter. I am sure you have heard of it, you may have never used it… based on the recent cell phone commercials talking about how many people tweeted on Twitter though it is time that you take a closer look at it.

Twitter can transmit traffic to your website easily, providing you do it correctly. As with anything else in the world there are rules to using Twitter though. The first and most important rule is that you have to be involved in a community on Twitter. What this means is that you have to take part in the Twitter community. So you have to make posts, comment on other Tweets, help make Twitter a useful community. You cannot get on Twitter and just talk about yourself or your site. In other words you need to build a relationship. Building relationships is very important, not only in social networking but also when it comes to converting a reader to a customer.

A second key rule is that you need to reply to others. This is all a part of involvement. When you participate in conversations with others on Twitter they will reply to you. There is a key feature on Twitter whereby when others reply to you, the persons that follow them are able to connect to your profile. This widens your audience greatly and means that your exposure is increased. It is therefore essential that you make lots of contributions to conversation and keep your involvement on the site high. Really, it isn’t that difficult, it only takes a few minutes and it is free advertising that can really give your traffic the boost it needs.

As they say in all the infomercials “but wait there’s more!” There is also the Twitterfeed site. The Twitterfeed site allows you to send your RSS feed straight to your Twitter page automatically. What does this mean? Simply put it means when you post something new on your website or blog, and update your RSS, that it will post automatically on your Twitter time line. This is an ideal method to ensure that your updates are posted and you don’t have to log on to Twitter and post your update manually. It is also very important that you do not attempt to set up a business profile on Twitter. It is frowned upon and it won’t help your website or you. You really have to make sure that you have a proper balance of updates, promotions and genuine involvement in the community.

Twitter also has a number of badges and widgets that Twitter offers that you can use on your website. This allows the Twitter updates to go to your site and visitors can click on the badge and check out your Twitter profile and even opt to join your following. Twitter is only one of the social networking tools you can use, but it is a good one. The key is to be an active contributing member that helps the Twitter community grow… so that they will help your website grow.


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