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Effective Banner Advertising

While many would agree that banner advertising is a marketing weapon that should be in everyone’s arsenal… few understand how to use banner advertising effectively. If you are new to marketing on the Internet and are unsure of what it meant by “banners” please read on.

First, a banner is nothing more than an Internet term for a graphic image that announces/shows the name of a website. Often it will include a brief description of that site as well. Many companies and entrepreneurs use banners as the foundation of their marketing campaign because of the exposure the banner provides. If you spend any time surfing the Internet you have seen banner advertising at its best and its worse. The goal here is for you to learn how to make your banner campaign an effective and successful campaign.

Change is Good

The very first thing you need to understand is that change is good. Actually change is a mandatory factor in success. While McDonald’s can survive with the golden arches and still experience an increase in sales each and every month, if you want to see dramatic increases in traffic you need to change your banner frequently. The more exposure your banner has, the more people are going to be used to seeing your banner and the lower the click through rate is going to be.

It is a good idea to have a stock of atleast 3 different banners, 6 banners is ideal. That way you can change the banner advertisement based on how many impressions they get.

Improve What You Have

There is a second advantage to having multiple banners, testing. You can test the different banners to see which ones are giving you the best click through rate. Once you know those statistics you will be able to improve your banners, which is the second component to effective banner advertising.

Each banner that you have should have a “call to action” link. This simply means that you want the banner to say something like “click here.” You also need to keep in mind load time. You should also make sure that your banner loads quickly as this will help increase its visibility and the likelihood of it being seen and clicked on, so make sure that your banner is in small bytes.

Don’t forget to change the headline in your banner and make sure that it is a headline that is grabbing people’s attention. You want something that is going to jump off the screen, grab your reader, shake them and make them want to click on your banner. Along with the headline, consider the colors you are using. While you want the banner to jump off the screen at them, you don’t want to blind the reader with neon bright colors, or a color scheme that turns people off. Believe it or not, blue is a very effective border color… and so is black.

Banner Exchanges

This is pretty simple, never put all of your eggs in one basket. Each banner exchange has its own network of sites that they work with. You may find that there are banner exchange sites that work better for your individual business than others.

These are only a few techniques that you should use to improve the effectiveness of your banner advertising campaign. Banners are, after all, the foundation of a successful marketing campaign if they are used correctly.


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