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Use Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Do you have a great website, but aren’t getting any web traffic? Do you often wish you could build your site hits up, but you don’t know how? There are many ways to build an audience, but the easiest and most simple way to drive traffic to your website is to use video.

Think about this. How many people do you know who would rather read a book than watch television? Chances are, most of the people you know relax in front of the T.V. after putting in a hard day’s work. This is because reading takes more imagination, and thus it is more work. When people watch television, they don’t have to imagine the place the characters are in or what they look like, all of that information is displayed on the television monitor. That is also why people tend to remember stories better when they see moving images as opposed to reading about it.

It works the same way for web videos. Web videos will enhance your site, and help you get out the message you are trying to convey. And if you use a popular video sharing company such as YouTube or MetaCafe, you are opening your website to a very large market! There is no way your web traffic can’t go up!

These video sharing companies have “tags” which you can attach to your video. Tags are just one-word descriptions of the video you are uploading. For instance, if I were to make a video to accompany this article, I would use tags like website, traffic, enhance, video, stats, how, increase. When a user of the video sharing company does a search for what he wants to see, when he types in “how to increase my website traffic”, my video will appear in the search results! Keep in mind that the title of your video is just as important as the tags, so make the title something a person will search for.

There is also a description box that appears beside the video where the tags will appear. This is an excellent place to put a link to your site. Another technique is to include the website address in the video itself. This will make it easier for the viewer to remember it.

If you want proof that using video works, just go to a video sharing website and enter terms relevant to your site in the search box. If you see more than one video in the search results, and they have links to their websites, then you know that it works because other people are doing it!


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