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Which is Better? Audio Or Video

There are many pros and cons of audio and video and it may be subjective as to which is better. Here are many of the things you might want to consider if you cannot decide between audio and video on your site.

Video files provide more interaction for users. Users like to see your face because they provide a more personal experience when they are able to sit back and watch the video. Users like video today and it is almost preferred. You can take advantage of video in many ways and that even includes adding text with keywords and your site URL so you can work with the search engines for proper SEO. That’s right! Even in a video you can take advantage of keywords and SEO. All you have to do is provide an overlay of text and your URL in some of the frames of your video. This allows for attracting more traffic to your site and possibly getting a better rank with the search engines.

The downside to video is that it takes hard work. Video needs to be exciting and to attract the attention of the users. You do not want to be boring and have a monotone. You need a good background, a good voice, and something important to say. Video also takes up a lot of space. It is important to consider how it renders on your website because many people do not want to sit for a long time and wait for a video to load. High speed has offered people to lose their patience and video requires a lot of patience. Just remember, the smaller your video is the quicker it will load on the web.

Audio files can be created within just a few minutes while video can take a bit longer. Audio files can be loaded quickly up on the Internet and for the user to listen to because they are small files. You can say the same things you would in a video on audio but the users cannot see your face. Many users aren’t interested in audio files and they want to watch the videos. Audio files are easier for you and the users but they are not what the users want all of the time. However, it usually does depend on the type of viewers and site you have. You cannot take advantage of keywords with audio files.

There are many pros and cons of audio and video files that might help you make a decision which is better. The best way to test this is to put up an audio file and a video file next to each other on your site and see which file has the most clicks. This will help you determine which method of information distribution your customers want to see. If you can do a quick video and you know how to use text with your video, you are better off with adding keywords and the link to your site.


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