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Top Tips to Make Your Podcasts Rock

If you are thinking of making podcasts for your loyal website fan base, you are geared towards the right direction in keeping your visitors even closer and begging for more. Podcasts are becoming more recognized by regular computer users and mobile users alike, so adding some podcasts to your blog or website should be worth the effort without any fear of nobody listening to them.

One of the most important things to take note is that the quality of your podcasts should never be overlooked. If your podcasts are stale and boring, it may drive away people from visiting your podcast feeds ever again or even worse, drive them away from your website all together. In order to get more subscribers into your podcasts, you need to use your creativity in making your podcasts rock.

Here are some tips to turn your podcasts into bursts of entertainment:

Set a scope for your target audience

This should be easy if you already have an active website with daily visitors because most likely, your website should have a theme. All you need to do is to make your podcasts correlate to the entire theme and subject of your website so you can meet the expectations of your visitors. There is no use of tackling random topics in your podcasts and relying on luck to attract people. Set boundaries of the topics being covered and amplify them to increase the appeal.

Check out your competitors

Most likely, the topics that you’ll be discussing in your future podcasts will be similar to other websites that have ongoing podcasts. Observe how they get the word out and find any weaknesses in the performances. Even if you think they are the best, you can always take a different path and present in new and creative ways to stir up a crowd of your own.

Make use of transcripts

One of the limitations of podcasts is that search engines cannot track them since they are powered by audio and video. It doesn’t matter what keywords you use since search engine bots cannot listen to podcasts individually and index them properly. The best workaround for this is to write transcripts so the search engine bots can crawl on them. Having the full transcript alongside your podcast can attract more visitors from the search engines rather than having each podcast summarized in a small header.

Devise a consistent schedule

As a webmaster, you have full control of when you want your podcasts to be. Use a website statistics tool to determine at what time your visitors log in so you can make the most out of your presentations. Announce your podcast schedules and make sure you commit to the times promised without any delay. Failing to meet expectations can bring forth a negative image to your entire channel.

The main factor in making your podcasts rock is your creativity. Try to make it unique and give it some wow factors to dazzle your audience. Once you are convinced with the quality of your podcasts, start to spread the word and advertise it all over the place using many of the popular social networking sites. Generate a buzz and get your podcasts noticed and you’ll have some rocking sessions with your podcasts.


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