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Finding a Podcast Hosting Provider

Looking for a suitable hosting for your website is quite easy and cheap these days and plenty of the hosting providers these days include huge packages that should be more than enough for any website needs. Even the basic packages of top hosting providers have large bandwidth and disk space allocations enabling you to offer advanced services in your website such as podcasting.

Before you think about using your current hosting package to set up your podcasts, there are some things to consider. First understand that podcasts are powered by mp3 files and even with good compression, the file sizes can be quite large depending on the actual length of the podcasts. With your paid hosting package, it may not be such a big deal with the huge bandwidth allocations, but if ever you attract massive amounts of traffic to your podcasts one day, you may realize some noticeable degrading in your sites overall performance. This isn’t good for your visitors because good podcasts must have great connections to make sure everyone can tune in at maximum speeds. Shared website hosting may not have all the hardware needed to accommodate the traffic and could lead the site to a temporary shut down due to exceeded bandwidth.

Dedicated website hosting may solve the problem, but it is just too expensive. There are however some specialized hosting services that focus only on podcasts so webmasters can avoid having their podcasts bog down the overall performance of their servers. These podcast hosting providers are built to handle loads of traffic to audio files so you can keep your podcasting experience at top notch.

Fortunately, many of the best podcast hosting providers are cheaper than standard hosting packages making them better alternatives than upgrading your current hosting plan. Here are three good packages that you can use:


New podcasters should start out with this package because of its user friendliness for inexperienced users. It is quite easy to set up podcasts thanks to its simple controls and offers good features at a very affordable price.

Liberated Syndication

Liberated Syndication has a better pricing scheme than other hosting providers. Unlike HipCast, LibSyn doesn’t have any charges for data transfer making it very useful for those podcasters having large audiences. It charges instead per number of material uploaded every month. This is the recommended choice for any serious podcaster.


AudioAcrobat looks a bit like HipCast, but it’s slightly more expensive and lacks a couple of the blogging features that HipCast has. It does have some unique features though such as the ability to allow visitors to dial a phone number and leave a voice message which can be appended to the podcast playlist. It isn’t the best choice for starters, but those wanting to have more functionality may find this service useful.

The best thing about most of these hosting providers is that they come with free trials so podcasters can give it a go for a few days without any money spent. These top 3 podcast hosting providers are trusted sources and can ensure security, stability, and performance for your existing and future podcasts.


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