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Build an Audience With Podcasting

Millions of people around the world are connected to the Internet. What better way to send out a message than by recording a podcast. If there are some skeptics out there, there’s always Quantcast to reassure your doubts.

Podcasts are one of the most popular and growing Internet devices that allows website owners to directly talk with their website visitors. There is no topic too crazy or different when it comes to producing a podcast. However, a podcast is not only a radio show converted to either streaming audio or an MP3 that can be downloaded to the end-user’s computer or iPod, but a conglomeration of technology that’s been put together to provide the ultimate marketing tool for anybody who dares to venture into speaking about issues important to them.

Podcasting has made it easy for even the novice computer user to get their message out. Information found on Apple’s own website along with other technology websites, make it easy to understand how to customize your own show with pictures, animations, and even how to make instructional audios. Even large corporations have jumped on the bandwagon to promote ideas, products, and services in order to increase sales.

Quantcast is a website designed to produce statistical data concerning the Internet websites that occupy the virtual world. Any individual at any time can access the site to search by date data for any website and even browse sites that are similar. This can be a useful tool for businesses and companies to track their appeal and popularity on the web.

Additionally, this website gives out statistics such as; how old is the average user; what is their annual income; or if they are a male or a female. This type of data helps businesses understand how to reach their target groups with their podcasting efforts and tailor their podcasting marketing campaigns.

Podcasts has become one of the best methods for building an audience for your website. Not only is a podcast available to PC and MAC users, the podcast can be downloaded on a phone, iPod, or even burnt on to a CD/DVD to use in the car. The adaptability of podcasts gives it an edge in building an audience.

Satellite shows are convenient but don’t run 24/7 without commercials, and you can only listen to it at home or in the car. Podcasts, on the other hand, are easy to upload and broadcast, are available for download from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night.

With the help of sites such as Quantcast, building an audience becomes easy; however, keeping an audience is the hard part. Millions of web surfers subscribe to podcasts, for free, each day. Users, also rate the shows, leave comments, and even interact with the producers in real time. Taking phone calls, sending out emails, and answering questions live is a great way for producers to connect to users in real time.

Podcasts put the human element back into the equation. They can be used to answer questions, teach how-to’s and comment on the world scene. And, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to podcasting. Since the future lies on the Internet, podcasting will continue to be a force in the global marketing, advertising, and online communication arena. It increases businesses popularity, company sales, generates interest in other nations, and gets good ratings on websites like Quantcast.


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