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How to Permanently Remove Sensitive Data From Your Hard Drive

What ever the reason you may have for wanting to permanently remove all the data from your hard drive, there are several really great data shredders, and hard drive cleaners on the internet today.

If you are part of a company that is upgrading their computer systems and they want to donate the old ones, it is important that you know exactly how to permanently remove sensitive data from your hard drive. Getting rid of all those important files consists of more than just deleting the cookies, and the history. You need to go into the hard drive and delete the files themselves; however, this is not done by going into the hard drive and deleting the folders yourself. A good computer operator will know how to go back into the hard drive and do a systems recovery and bring all those files back up.

Every time you go to a website of any sort your computer is tagged by the website. This means that your computer identification is automatically given to the website, resulting in unwanted email, or advertisements. By using a shredder or a hard drive cleaner, your hard drive is swiped and all of your files are deleted permanently; however, when you are deleting the file this way, do not stop at one time, go through the process of swiping your files at least two more times to ensure that all the files have been permanently deleted.

A good hard drive cleaner will not only delete the files and folders that were previously deleted, but it sort of Nuke’s the system, deleting all the hard drives. It will also erase the index.dat, and any encrypted files and other devises; the network files will also be erased permanently as well as the temporary files, the cookies, the history, and the internet cache which will defeat a file recovery after it has been swiped.

As to what is the best hard drive cleaner on the market, that is left up to each individual. Every person has their own preferences, and what one person likes another person may not. When you are searching for just the right cleaner beware of any free software or Freeware, these programs tend to only swipe part of your hard drive. It is much better if you are doing this for your own computer before you are going to upgrade it for a newer model, that you research the hard drive cleaners, decide which one you want to use for yours, then purchase it and use it. The one thing that is really important before you purchase your hard drive cleaner is to make sure that the program is compatible with your version of Windows.


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